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Hi there.  Just to let anybody know that’s interested, Stuart, out of the band, is happy to give friendly informal blues/jazz/slide one to one guitar lessons.  I’m happy to travel in the Sheffield area - beginners welcome, or just informal jamming with tips with more experienced players, whatever the level,  Happy to join in and  help where I can. I’ve over forty years playing experience and have become a well known figure on the South Yorkshire, and beyond, blues scene with both the Big City Trio and Rockett 88, you might  well have seen me and the guys playing live over the years! I’m happy with £10 for about a fifty minute lesson, so long as its fairly local to me, or just a bit more if there's a bit of petrol/travel involved.  Please text me in the first instance and I’ll call you back, even if its just a trial or get together, ... let me know if you’re interested,  Cheers, Stuart. My mobile is 0786 7875735, or email me at
Blues/Jazz/Slide Guitar Lessons